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The Enticement of a Cave

Caves offer the correctly trained diver the opportunity to experience crystal clear water, which can be perfectly still without the current or surge divers face in the ocean. Most Australian caves have little or no life forms existing in them and divers appear to glide effortlessly through the water with the sensation of it appearing that there is no water. Cave diving is a potentially deadly environment if a diver doesn't have specific training from a cave diving instructor. GUE training teaches members to plan their gas moderately to allow a safe return from the furthermost part of the cave for both the diver and their buddy. GUE divers often dive in teams of three to ensure redundancy is spread across more than two team members. Line laying techniques ensure that divers lay line in a safe manner, allowing them to safely navigate back out of the cave if a problem is encountered and vision is restricted by silt. Basic fundamentals level skills are expanded upon with the GUE cave training and it is at cave level where GUE methods and practices has its roots firmly planted. GUE cave training levels are:

Cave 1
Cave 2
Cave 3