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The Wonder of Piers

Piers are a great place to practice your skills, test out new equipment and grow to appreciate the diversity of the ocean's inhabitants. From the smallest crab to the largest bull ray, piers offer the diver a wonderful experience and are often overlooked as divers move towards cave or technical training. Colourful sponges, slow moving nudibranch's and timid globe fish occupy this microclimate in close personal ocean communities. Fat bellied sea horses and delightful weedy sea dragons glide magnificently by as divers stop to appreciate all of natures little creatures. Most of the life exists directly under the pier and fishing lines and hooks can catch the unwary diver who strays outside the confines of the pylons. Piers offer protection for the oceans smaller creatures and divers will see the most when they take the time to remain motionless and allow the tiny creatures to also study them. Piers are the perfect place for team members to practice their fundamental skills as the shallow depths make the skills both challenging and practical to repeat, multiple times during their dive. Ideal training for reef diving is:

Recreational 1
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