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The Majesty of a Wreck

Wreck diving is one of the most exciting environments to a scuba diver. To descend down a shot or anchor line and see a wreck emerge from out of the haze is one of the most memorable sights a diver can see. Wreck diving is a diverse and ever changing environment as the ocean will rust a wreck over time and sections will collapse leaving some previous areas unavailable to the dive team, but can in turn open up new areas to explore. Cave training is highly recommended for dive teams wishing to explore the insides of sunken wrecks. Wrecks are often deep and divers are usually required to perform decompression stops in order to allow dissolved nitrogen to exit the blood and tissues. GUE Technical Training is designed to teach divers to plan their gas management and decompression confidently. GUE Technical Courses are:

Tech 1
Tech 2
Tech 3